Laura Lackner Assistant Professor

Research Summary:

In the Lackner Lab, we study how mitochondria are positioned in cells. Central to mitochondrial positioning are molecular tethers, which function to anchor mitochondria to specific cellular sites. While tethering of mitochondria is observed in cells from yeast to neurons, very little is known about this positioning mechanism. Using multidisciplinary biochemical, cytological, and genetic approaches, we are working to elucidate the molecular mechanism, regulation, and physiological significance of mitochondrial tethering.

Selected Publications:

Mitochondrial anchors: Positioning mitochondria and more. Kraft LM, Lackner LL. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2017.

The mechanisms and functions of interorganelle interactionsLackner LL, Voeltz GK. Mol. Biol Cell. 2017, March 15 Vol 28 no. 703-704.

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Shaping the dynamic mitochondrial network. Lackner, LL. BMC Biology. 2014; 12:35.

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Conformational changes in Dnm1 support a contractile mechanism for mitochondrial fission. Mears JA, Lackner LL, Fang S, Ingerman E, Nunnari J, and Hinshaw JE. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2011