Affiliated Programs

Affiliated Northwestern Programs

Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) Ph.D. Program

  • A unique Ph.D program that brings together 60 faculty and their students from five departments to tackle cutting edge problems with interdisciplinary approaches
  • QSB students benefit from close association with the IBiS program
    • QSB students take classes and conduct research with IBiS students
    • QSB students are partnered with the an IBiS mentor to help navigate classes and getting
      established at Northwestern
    • Some QSB students may join the IBiS program after completing QSB Masters degree

Masters of Science in Biotechnology

  • 15-21 month Masters program offered by Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering
  • 38-42 students per class
  • Broadly prepares students for biotechnology industry and associated professions with training in current industry practices
  • Top courses include:
    • Bioprocess Engineering I & II
    • Bioprocess Engineering Lab
    • Technology Commercialization Fundamentals
    • Regulatory Sciences in Biotechnology