QSB Program of Study

Key Program Features

- One year (12 month) program (September - August)

- Approximately 6 students per class allows close mentoring

- Close integration with the IBiS Ph.D. program enhances education

  • QSB students attend the IBiS retreat with entering IBiS Ph.D. students
  • QSB students take IBiS core classes and are in IBiS research labs
  • Optional 7 month no tuition internship program (details here)

- QSB graduates are automatically elligible for 36 months of optional practical training work authorization.

- Core academic program:

  • Courses familiarize students with systems and computational
    approaches and techniques, statistics, quantitative analysis, and
    programming in R, Python and Matlab
  • Thesis research 
         Full participation in lab activities including journal clubs
         and departmental seminars

- Optional 7 month Internship Program (click here for details):

- Mentoring:

  • QSB students are paired with IBiS Ph.D. student “buddies” to help
    familiarize students with life at Northwestern
  • QSB students are guided by an advisory committee consisting of
    their thesis research advisor and two other faculty, which also provides
    close faculty contact that is helpful for letters of recommendation.

- Career development programs:

  • BioSurvival Skills are a series of workshops on topics such as
    presentation skills, grant and CV writing, and job hunting (offered by
    IBiS, DGP, and NUIN)
  • BioOpportunities invites alumni and other professionals to talk about
    careers available to graduate students (offered by IBiS, DGP, and NUIN)
  • Northwestern Professional Development in the areas of Career
    Exploration, Leadership and Management, Speaking and Presenting,
    and writing and Research (offered by TGS http://www.tgs.northwestern.edu/