DEI Committee & Reporting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee in Molecular Biosciences is tasked with making recommendations to the Chair on actionable ways that the department can create a climate where staff, students, and faculty of color, and people from all underrepresented groups including women and LGBTQ+ persons feel valued and can excel.  

This committee will receive and analyze what will be a twice-yearly climate survey sent to all staff, students, post-docs, and faculty, as well as consider suggestions and concerns submitted through a permanent link on the department web site where members of the department can report issues anonymously. The Department of Molecular Biosciences states unequivocally that we will not tolerate racism in any form, and will actively work to combat and eliminate systemic inequities and biases. 

Committee Members

  • Laura Lackner, DEI Committee Chair (Associate Professor)
  • Christine McCary (Associate Professor of Instruction, Weinberg College Advisor)
  • Clare Harper (Graduate Student, ISO board member)
  • Echarial Gaines-Ogunnubi (MBS Program Assistant)
  • Ginger Gilmore (Life Sciences Financial Services Business Administrator)
  • Karlin Compton (Graduate Student, DiBS board member)
  • Keara Lane (Assistant Professor)
  • Shelby Blythe (Assistant Professor)

If you have specific concerns about exclusionary, discriminatory or harassing behaviors, you are always free to speak with the Department Chair or Assistant Chair, or members of the  DEI committee, or you may submit them anonymously HERE. Please note that for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination, faculty members and administrators are mandated reporters and may need to share incidents with the Office of Equity and Title IX Administration).